Teamwork, Determination, Enthusiasm:

Three words that describe the newly-formed Talent Bridge intramural kickball team

Game1 partial team

What better way to start a new competitive season than with a “Double Header” match?

For many members of the Talent Bridge squad, these two games were their firsts. With a little strategy and creativity from experienced teammates, Talent Bridge opened up their season with a bang! All it took was for everyone to realize their capabilities and capitalize on their athletic abilities before things started clicking. In a short period of time, the defense was running smoothly and the offense was putting runs on the board.

Talent Bridge suffered a heart breaking loss in the first game 6-4; falling in the final inning. Spirits were still high going into the 2nd of the two games; each team member eager to face a new opponent. Right off the bat, Talent Bridge came out hot, scoring 4 runs in the first inning, leading to an 11-1 victory.

The competitive spirit and camaraderie that Talent Bridge shared was uplifting and motivating. Everyone’s passion for sportsmanship and success has the team seething for next week’s game!

-“Coach” Mark Wojcik, Staffing Manager

Talent Bridge is a proud sponsor of the Talent Bridge Intramural Kickball team! We are a member of the Sportslink kickball league. Want to come cheer on the team? We will post our schedule as soon as it is available from Sportslink. 

 Below are a couple of pictures from our event. Click each picture to view full-size.