Talented IT professionals are needed to keep businesses around the world up and running. These workers maintain networks, create new software, constantly monitor information security, develop apps, and so much more.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the IT industry is the largest of any computer-related industry, with more than 1.5 million workers in 2011. Many of these positions are located in the Charlotte area, as an overwhelming 270 Fortune 500 companies maintain a presence in the area.

A total of eight Fortune 500 companies have chosen to make the Charlotte area the site of their company headquarters. Six companies ─ Bank of America, Duke Energy, Nucor, Family Dollar Stores, Sonic Automotive, and SPX ─ are located in Mecklenburg County. While the remaining two ─ Lowes and Domtar ─ are located outside of Mecklenburg County, they are still within the Charlotte area.

In fact, Charlotte is included on the top ten list of cities with the most Fortune 500 company headquarters. The city falls right behind Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Chicago, who each have seven Fortune 500 company headquarters. The sheer volume of major companies in the Charlotte area creates an endless need for talented IT professionals to help companies function in nearly every aspect of their business.

Rising Demand for IT Talent in Charlotte

Every major company needs a talented team of IT professionals to keep the business running smoothly. While Fortune 500 companies commonly employ remote workers from across the world, in order to gain access to top talent, hiring local talent is often preferred with IT. When staffing such highly-skilled positions, many companies have found that it’s much easier to have professionals on-site, to remove communication barriers.

At Talent Bridge, we believe in the value of hiring local talent to fill your IT positions. Not only does hiring workers living in the area encourage retention, it also helps to boost the local economy. Our dedicated staff lives and works right here in the Charlotte community. Unlike many larger national firms that simply maintain an office here, the local employment market is our top priority.

Partner with us for your IT hiring needs to ensure your open positions are filled with top talent. We personally interview all candidates and take time to understand their expectations, needs, and wants. We also check professional references and verify credentials and education.

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