The Job Interview is Over. Now What?

The Job Interview Is Over. Now What?

After you have finished the job interview, you go home and as far as you know, you nailed it. While you don’t want to come off as nagging, you want to stay on the employer’s radar.

After an interview you want to send a thank you email and a handwritten note as soon as possible. You should do both because sometimes one medium doesn’t make it to the intended recipient and you also want to demonstrate your interest and thoroughness. An email is effective because it can get to the recipient as soon as possible. The handwritten note goes the extra step as it arrives four to five days after the interview and serves to keep you top of mind after an interview.

When writing a thank you note you want to refer to something the interviewer said or something you saw that was particularly interesting, if possible. Restate your interest in the job. Make the email and handwritten note different. Below are some examples:

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to meet on Wednesday to discuss the position of Senior Accountant at XYZ Company. The position you described is of great interest to me. I am confident that my versatile experience would enable me to excel in this role. My deep background in accounting has prepared me to be successful in a dynamic and structured accounting environment. I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
  1. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule today to speak with me about the Account Controller position. I enjoyed learning more about the role and XYZ Company. Based on our conversation, I’m certain that my experience in (SKILL A that was discussed) is a great match for (SKILL B that they are seeking from job description), which is required in this role. I look forward to continuing along in the process and hope to hear from you soon. Please let me know if you need any additional information from me. Thank you.
  1. I appreciate you and the team taking time to meet with me today and discussing the Assistant Controller position. I am very excited about the opportunity and look forward to learning even more. (ENTER COMMENT ON SOMETHING YOU DISCUSSED – it can be a joke you shared or it can be something about the company). I’m very interested in the position and know that I’d be a great fit on the team. I look forward to learning more. Thank you.

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