Three Trends in Recruiting Technology that Are Here to Stay

Three Trends In Recruiting Technology That Are Here To Stay

Just like in every other industry, technology is changing the recruiting game. Here are three changes we’ve seen that we expect to stick around for a while:

  1. Video resumes and video interviews

Due to the increasing importance of soft skills in the recruiting process, hiring managers are leaning away from the traditional paper resume and looking for application formats that better capture the candidate’s personality. Video applications/resumes are one way to accomplish this and learn more about the candidate before a formal interview.

Along the same lines, as remote work becomes even more popular, candidates may not be able to come to the office for an in-person interview, so video interview capabilities are key to ensuring you’re not ruling out good candidates because they’re located elsewhere.

  1. Mobile-friendly job applications

According to data from the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of adults in the United States own a smartphone – and that number jumps to 92 percent of those ages 18-29. If job seekers can’t apply for your job on their mobile device, they may be skipping your application altogether. You miss out good candidates, and good candidates miss out on good opportunities.

  1. Automation and artificial intelligence

Recruiting will always require a human touch – no one knows people better than people. But HR managers can use AI to streamline some processes (including screening and scheduling interviews) so that they can focus on the tasks that robots can’t do, like in-person interviews and personalized onboarding.

As the tools and trends of the recruiting industry continue to evolve, TalentBridge always stays on top of what’s new so that we can use the best tactics for your business’ hiring needs. Check out our approach here.