There are quite a few websites that offer up tips on how to land that perfect job. Most are generic and only a few are worth keeping track of. So today we thought we would list a handful of sites that you may NOT know of, or simply haven’t heard about.

Mashable – Known more as a ‘social media marketing’ site, Mashable has a section dedicated to the job market.
One of their more popular post include:
6 Linkedin Groups to Help You Land That Next Job

PBS – Of course when you think of PBS, you think of Big Bird right? Well not in todays day and age. PBS employs a well known HeadHunter named Nick Corcodilos who writes every month on the job market and has great insights on the PBS blog.
One of his more popular post include:
Six Secrets to Beat The Job Market

US News – The blog features several guest writers prominent in the industry.
One of their more popular articles is:
The Ten Most Common Job Interview Questions

Careerealism – One of the more popular career blogs in the industry, Careerealism is also an aggregate of professionals that write on todays fast changing job market.
Networking in Todays Digital World is one of their more popular blog postings.

Career Rocketeer – The CareerRocketeer has been around for a few years now and focuses on building your personal brand.