Website Accessibility Matters

We’re thrilled to announce a significant step forward in our commitment to diversity and inclusion: the integration of Recite Me website accessibility technology into our website. With this enhancement, we’re proud to offer an inclusive online experience to help ensure all visitors can access our digital content and services without barriers.

Recite Me’s innovative assistive toolbar empowers website visitors by providing a suite of accessibility and language support tools. From screen reading functionality to customizable styling options and on-demand live translation in over 100 languages – including 65 text-to-speech options – our website now caters to a diverse range of needs and preferences.

A More Inclusive Web Experience

We’re striving to create an online environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered, and our partnership with Recite Me is a significant step forward in our journey toward a more inclusive digital experience.

Explore our enhanced accessibility support tool by clicking on the Recite Me button located in the bottom right corner of any page at

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