InterviewAll job candidates are not created equal ─ a fact that is certainly no secret. If you’re tired of interviewing the same retread candidates, take comfort in the fact that it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Talent Bridge, we live and work right here in the Charlotte area. Our close relationships and constant interaction with local public accounting firms, law firms, corporate finance departments, and professional networks provides us with access to the area’s top talent. In fact, many members of our team are accountants and CPAs, allowing us to know exactly what you’re looking for ─ and what you’re not.

Discovering Passive Candidates

The deep connections we’ve formed within the community allow us access to passive candidates ─ those currently employed, but open to new opportunities. These workers offer a number of advantages, often including:

  • Updated Skills: As they’re currently employed, passive workers have the strongest skills and are familiar with all the latest industry trends.
  • Career Driven: These candidates take work very seriously and wouldn’t dream of quitting their current job until they’ve found a new one perfectly matching their interest and goals.
  • Larger Talent Pool: An overwhelming 84 percent of the workforce is composed of passive job seekers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Why only recruit from the 16 percent of active job seekers when you don’t have to?

Talent Bridge understands that you have to approach top talent instead of waiting for it to find you. We know where to search for the most qualified passive job seekers for open positions at your company and how to get them on your team.

Customized Approach for Each Position

Every position we fill is unique, as is our process to find the right candidate. At Talent Bridge, we know the perfect candidate for one position won’t be found in the same place as the next. Our process to find the best person for the job varies each time, as different positions require different search strategies.

We believe there’s no such thing as a using one set approach to find a candidate, as sometimes the best fit for your team won’t be found in the most obvious place.