Our recruiters hear this over and over from candidates: LinkedIn is basically an online resume, right? It’s good for job-hunting and not much else?

Not so fast!

Even if you already have your dream job, LinkedIn can still be a huge asset! How?

Telling Your Story

Someone is always looking for you online. It’s a bit unsettling, but true these days. Maybe it’s an old classmate or friend. It could be your boss wanting to know a little more about you before she recommends you for a promotion. Or a colleague digging into your background or personality before he commits to a project with you. You want to ensure that everything floating around out there is kosher—and that you lead with LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn is the number one online source of information about you. Or at least it should be.

Have fun with your LinkedIn—as long as you keep it professional. Feel free to talk about your passions and don’t forget to list your accomplishments. Don’t be modest! This is where you shine. Let everyone know who you are, what you’re great at and how you’ve brought about tangible changes through your past positions. You can even publish your own content!


It is called social media networking, after all. Most people seem to have forgotten that, at least on other platforms. But networking is still the rage on LinkedIn. You may love your job, but it’s still worth it to stay active on LinkedIn. You never know what networking could mean for you and your organization—a new partnership, a new project, or a new job down the line.


LinkedIn groups have really improved over the years. You can stay in the know about current events in your industry and get involved in engaging discussions (hint: this is networking at its finest). You can find tips on quickly and easily getting your LinkedIn up to date here.

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