Immediate Access to Qualified Candidates

In times of economic uncertainty and tight labor markets across many industries, access to qualified contract, contract-to-hire, and staff augmentation services can be a critical business strategy. That’s why TalentBridge, a national leader in contract staffing and staff augmentation, provides access to thousands of pre-qualified candidates who can quickly step in to fill most vacancies. 

Staff Augmentation and Contract Staffing Services

TalentBridge has the experience and expertise to recruit, hire, and onboard qualified contract employees across diverse company roles and responsibilities within just a few days of engagement.

We manage it all – recruiting, hiring and onboarding

We maintain a database of pre-qualified candidates across diverse job roles

We can help you find candidates that fit both the role and the culture

Putting them on our payroll can make it even easier for you

How Contract Staffing or Staff Augmentation Can Benefit Your Business

Just In Time

Instant access to quality contract employees allows you to react “just in time” to market needs and demands. Contract and temp agency services are especially helpful to organizations who know they need immediate support but can’t make a long-term hiring commitment.

Saves Time and Money

When an employee is only needed for a short-term assignment or a specific project with a fixed completion date, contract staffing can save you money and time spent onboarding, professional development, and human resources interaction. 

Helps Start Work Quickly

Immediate access to a database of pre-screened, capable talent allows you to recruit quality candidates who can hit the ground running and be ready to work in just days versus weeks.

Focused Expertise

Working with a firm who has recruited thousands of contract staff – especially in call center, customer service, and administrative roles – ensure you can concentrate on growing your business while they manage support staffing 

We’ve Got It Handled

Today’s company managers have enough on their plate. That’s why, when it comes to contract staffing, TalentBridge has got it handled. We’ll recruit, hire, onboard, and even pay the contractors – treating them as if they are our own employees. Bottom line, we’ll do everything possible to make building your team as easy and cost-effective as possible, so you can concentrate on building your bottom line.  

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