Helping You Recruit Qualified Human Resources Professionals

The role of human resources in nearly every company continues to evolve and expand. Managing the needs of a more diverse workforce, integrating human resources technology, maintaining company culture, developing competitive compensation and benefit strategies, while staying up-to-date on new and ever-changing employment regulations, has companies more dependent than ever on building a team of well-qualified human resource professionals. 

TalentBridge partners with HR departments at companies across the country to support their direct and contingent hiring needs. Through this partnership, we’ve learned the diverse needs and requirements of human resources, and we feel uniquely qualified to support the specific recruitment and placement of HR professionals in a diverse range of specialized human resource positions for our clients.

Our approach is simple: understand the role and the qualifications desired while digging deep to understand the organization’s culture. We’ll spend most of our time building a relationship with you and your company to make sure we understand your corporate culture and the personalities and passions of those who you believe would best succeed as part of your team. It’s a relationship-versus transaction-based approach that has helped us become a national leader in helping companies recruit the best talent.  

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Types of Human Resources Jobs

  • HR Manager/Director
  • VPHR
  • HR Generalist/Specialist
  • Benefits Analyst/Specialist
  • HRIS Analyst
  • Talent Acquisition/Recruiter
  • Payroll Manager/Director
  • Strategic HR Business Partner
  • Payroll Coordinator
  • Compensation Analyst/Specialist
  • HR Coordinator
  • Leadership Development/Training