Helping You Recruit Qualified Candidates for High-Tech Manufacturing

Today’s high-tech world demands manufacturing employees with the technical skills to support cutting-edge technologies across industries like optics, aeronautics, and medical devices. At TalentBridge, we have the experience to help high-tech clients across the country recruit for highly qualified employees to support their manufacturing operations. 

It starts with developing a keen understanding of your business, the technologies you manufacture, and the skills and qualifications of your ideal talent. Then we make sure we understand the culture of your company, your goals for the future, and the spirit and attitude of your current employee base. At TalentBridge, we know we can deliver job candidates with the skill sets you need, but what we strive to deliver are candidates who also share a passion for the industry, the technology, and the company. That’s the key to our success … and yours.

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Types of Manufacturing Jobs

  • Precision Optics Technician
  • Group Team Leader
  • QA Specialist
  • Production Supervisor
  • C&C Machinist (Skilled Trade)