Rochester, Ny

Insurance Industry Recruiting

Offering Highly Qualified Insurance Professionals

Whether it’s personal, commercial insurance or health- and benefits-related, every type of insurance generates a ton of paperwork. And that can generate a lot of customer questions. TalentBridge offers professionals who can both process claims and paperwork, as well as people who can talk with people, troubleshoot their issues, and respond with a resolution for the customer — all while being calm, courteous and helpful.

TalentBridge wants to make your hiring process easier for these roles. Which is why we recruit for people who can optimize efficiencies while also streamlining processes to reduce complexity. In many instances, we’ll offer contract-to-hire positions to make sure the candidate is a good fit prior to making a direct hire.

Types of Insurance Jobs

  • Claims Processor
  • Call Center
  • Medicaid Specialist
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Pharmacy Call Center
  • Employee Benefits Specialist