Access to Qualified Candidates for Your Temporary Staffing Needs

Access to Hundreds of Qualified Candidates Who Can Be Hired Quickly to Support Your Temporary Staffing Needs

temp agency services

TalentBridge is a leader in contract and temporary staffing. We provide access to thousands of pre-qualified candidates who can be hired within just days to support the needs of businesses and corporations alike.

Contract and temporary staffing services may be critically important in times like these, as companies find the need to move slowly. The ability to engage with TalentBridge to support short-term and long-term contract staffing needs or temp-to-perm employees is a sound business strategy as the national, even global economies, recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

TalentBridge is a recognized leading agency in contract and temporary staffing nationally, providing employers with talented, cost-effective employees that can immediately step in and perform the required job role. Most recently, TalentBridge has supported the needs of numerous service businesses who have been required to staff up in key customer service, call center, and administrative areas.

Temp Agency Services

As a leading contract recruitment agency, TalentBridge has the expertise and experience to quickly recruit and place candidates across diverse employee roles and responsibilities:

  • We manage it all: recruitment, hiring, payroll
  • We have resumes for thousands of potential candidates for roles anywhere across the country
  • We can support entry-level, middle management, even executive-level recruiting support
  • Working in partnership with our clients, we’ll help you find the perfect candidate for the role

The Benefits of Contract or Temporary Staffing

Reduced Costs

If an employee is only needed for the short-term, contract of temporary staffing can save you both time and money in onboarding, professional development, and human resources interaction. Of course, it can be a less expensive than bringing an employee on direct payroll based upon cost of on-boarding, training, development, etc.

When you work with a company like TalentBridge, the recruiting and onboarding process can go from weeks to days to hours based upon our available pool of pre-screened talent and ability to move quickly

Specific Recruiting

TalentBridge has been able to recruit contract and temps with skills suitable to the specific job. Having this highly specialized employee on your team means they hit the ground running.


Hiring contract or temporary employees allow you to respond to market needs and demands, as they happen. The COVID crisis is a perfect example of that – call center support, administrative support, etc.  This is especially important if you can’t confirm the long-term need. Candidates who are hired on fixed-term contract provide the desired result in an assignment within a stipulated time.

At TalentBridge, We Can Handle It All

If your company has specific staffing needs but don’t wish to take on the risk of permanent employees at this time, consider the benefits of contract or temporary staffing. TalentBridge has the experience and expertise to support and manage the entire recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process for area businesses. We take complete responsibility for the employee, including placing them on the TalentBridge payroll, to make it easy, and cost-effective as possible for your business.

Contact TalentBridge today to learn more about our contract staffing or temporary staffing services.