Experienced Human Resource Specialists At Your Service

human resource services

We offer a hand-selected team of experienced, talented human resources specialists, employed by TalentBridge who are available on a short- or long-term basis to fill a wide range of roles. Our on-site HR professionals are a great way to handle growth in your overall workload, fill vacancies or gaps in your HR department, and facilitate many other functions that exceed your full-time staff’s ability to handle your company’s HR needs.

We Match Staff To Your Specific Business Needs

When you call TalentBridge for your temporary HR staffing needs, we will find the qualified employees you need quickly and efficiently. No matter what your requirement is, we will identify the individual who fits your cultural and technical requirements. Our HR Professionals can help with:

  • Staffing and on-boarding
  • Benefits administration and open enrolment
  • Employee relations
  • Compliance with federal and state employment laws
  • Policies and procedures
  • Performance management

Full Support From a Team of Corporate Professionals

Every one of our on-site HR professionals receives guidance and support from our Corporate HR team. We can help you analyze your needs to determine the most suitable level of HR outsourcing to improve efficiency and effectiveness; or create a new HR service department to assist with organizational growth plans.

Competitive Pricing with Reduced Liability

We take care of all compensation, compliance and legal requirements; and you pay a fixed mark-up over the hourly pay rate.  Our staff are W-2 employees of TalentBridge. We handle all of the paperwork, deductions, worker’s compensation and unemployment benefits for our HR professionals. You don’t need to worry about employment classification, state & federal taxes, the cost of insurance and other mandated requirements.

What Kind of Assignments are Typical for us?

  • A three to six-month assignment of an HR Generalist reporting to the Director of HR to handle day-to-day employee relations while the organization evaluates the best long-term structure for the HR Department.
  • A part-time, long term assignment of an HR Manager in a small business during a leave of absence
  • A recruiter for four-months while the company increases the size of its sales force.
  • A scanning technician to prepare HR records for electronic storage.
  • An HR Manager to fill vacancies created by a resignation to ensure a successful transition to the individual ultimately hired.