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Job Description: Undertake a range of tasks associated with the reconciliation and balancing of accounts, including researching and resolving moderately complex accounting discrepancies and exceptions. Provide resolution for disputes pertaining to balancing issues involving customers, clients, and vendors. Collaborate closely with peers, colleagues, and supervisors to address challenges and attain organizational objectives.

Required Qualifications: Candidates should possess a minimum of one year of Operational Accounting experience, or an equivalent demonstrated through a combination of practical work experience, training, military service, or education.

Years of Experience Required: Candidates with at least six months of experience are preferred. This role is suitable for junior professionals who may have exposure to tasks such as data entry and/or working with balance sheets.

Cultural/Soft Skills: Strong teamwork and communication abilities are essential.

Top Skills: A background in data entry is essential. While experience in operational accounting is advantageous, it is not mandatory. Candidates with a general banking background and/or an associate degree in accounting are highly desirable.

Specific Education/License Requirements: No specific educational or licensing requirements are mandated for this role.

Technical Skills: Proficiency in 10-key data entry is advantageous. Basic computer skills are necessary.

Day-to-Day Operations: Primary responsibilities include managing branch balance sheets for ATMs, conducting ATM balancing, and reviewing balance sheets. The team is responsible for addressing exception items, making adjustments to the General Ledger when ATMs are off balance, and handling basic accounting tasks such as managing debits and credits.


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