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SAM Tool Administrator 
Hourly W2 during the contract, medical/dental/vision benefits are available if you choose, then you will transition to Salary after contract phase.
This will be within the Telecommunications Indutsutry in the IT department 

1. What will this person be responsible for on a day to day basis?  

– Implementation, customization, maintenance & support of their Software Asset Management tool (USU) 

– This includes understanding the shortfalls of the tool and documenting processes and procedures for the SAMs to follow when using the tool  

What % of the job is new project work vs. maintaining what’s currently in place?  

– To start with it will be more new tool implementation and then be more split 50/50 with maintenance & support.  

A example or two of projects this person will be involved with/ responsible for?  
– They are going to have USU come in and do the initial implementation with the goal of cutting them loose as soon as this person gets in place/ trained to take the tool forward from a customization/ configuration standpoint as is specifically relates to Software Asset Management.  

– When looking at tools – look at “how customizable are the tools that are going to give me the data that is true/ needing

– They have a tool that they use that is not a bad tool – it was a bad implementation and was not done with customizations to meet the business’s needs.  


MUST HAVE skill sets: 

  1. Must have experience implementing & configuring software asset management tools and customizing/ configuring those tools based on how the business operates/ what their software asset management needs are and understand software asset management processes to be able to properly  experience administering, supporting,  

  1. Must have experience implementing & customizing Discovery management tool (catalog management)- this is the piece of the  that tells you what you have in your environment (including different versions) – it is part of the USU system that searches for and finds all the diff software assets they have in their environment , hardware agent device visibility, software asset entitlement repository (keeps track of all the contract/ license details). There is also a component of Discovery that tells you what hardware you have and what other systems it’s tied to, etc. If the software is integrated with other systems, etc.  

  1. Must have deployed and supported a software asset management tools in large/ complex enterprise environments.  

  1. How do you get through all the firewalls/ understand why the tool out of the box may not tell you everything – how do you customize to get it to tell us more  

  1. Experience implementing discovery tool to validate that it’s not there.  

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