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Talentbridge is partnered with a Global leader in manufactured components for almost every industry including Automotive, Construction, Medical Device and others.  We are looking for a strong Quality Manager and leader to step in and oversee local Manufacturing, Assembly and Supplier Quality  Operations.    
The Quality Manager will manage all quality activities and work towards establishing, maintaining, and improving customer and supplier relationships.

Main Tasks

  • Develops, maintains and supervises a staff skilled and knowledgeable in state-of-the-art inspection techniques and company Quality Assurance policies.
  • Analyzes, evaluates, and presents information concerning factors such as business situations, production capabilities, manufacturing problems, statistical trends, and proposed process changes. Reviews factors in light of quality of product and reliability of quality during production.
  • QMR management team representative that establishes, implements, and monitors standard operating procedures in accordance with IATF16949.
  • Manages the inspection and evaluation of products, parts, and materials in relation to quality factors and measures. Oversees the training of employees, setting of performance goals, organization of work, and maintenance of a productive and motivational climate.
  • Responsible for quality performance in areas of rejects, scrap, rework, vendor performance, etc.
  • Highlights quality problems areas, root cause, corrective actiion and implementation of solutions.
  • Interface with customer quality and warranty departments issuing regular reports to management on customer satisfaction trends and related activities.
  • Visits and confers with representatives of material and component suppliers to obtain information related to supply quality, capacity of vendors to meet orders, and vendor quality standards.
  • Represents the department at planning and other regular management meetings to provide assistance and recommendations to resolve engineering, production, and technical problems.
  • Participates in research, development, and design of long-range strategic objectives. Works with other departmental managers in the laying out and planning of potential future operational changes.
  • Reviews all Engineering changes and product releases and recommends inspection gages and equipment necessary to effectively ensure that each part or assembly meets or exceeds the tolerances and finishes, and material content specified.
  • Conducts management meetings with other departmental managers to establish, delineate, and review programs and organizational policies. Coordinates functions and operations between Quality Assurance and other departments.
  • Maintains in-process, receiving and outgoing inspection systems, equipment, gages, records, and print files, in accordance with company Quality Assurance policies.
  • Oversees and participates as the liaison with other departments regarding technical product changes and problems, required adjustments, future strategic objectives, etc.

Education, Training, Certifications

  • 4-Year Degree in Engineering-related field or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • ASQC/CQE certifications preferred, CQM preferred


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