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Job Responsibilities:
– Join software procurement team to assist with data and analysis tasks to support transactions to engage in software procurement
-They will be working requests through the system to get it approved and funded
-Looking at a contract and licensing metrics and be able to make a business case, cost and value
-There will be some negotiation, more negotiation power will be earned over time

  1. An example or two of projects this person will be involved with/ responsible for?

– There are multiple purchase requests with a moderate to high level of complexity. They will need to gather info to navigate request through Charter's process( There will be training on how Charter works)
– This person will get work at various stages of completion and must complete tasks based on Charter's process.

  • Often times there are requests from other people on the team. Need to be able to organize around that and track their commitments and completion.

MUST HAVE skillsets: What are the key experiences, skillsets, technologies, domain knowledge, etc. that this person must have experience with (or you wouldn't want us to show their resume)?

  1. Enterprise level procurement experience (Risk, governance and control activities.) On teams large enough to have a Chief Procurement Officer and legal department.
  2. Must be able to analyze contracts and data
  3. Experience working with software publishers like MicroSoft or Oracle. Need to be familiar with technology and have a desire to continue to learn it. – If you're buying from a random vendor, need to be able to explain what it does and how it supports different parts of the business
  4. Advanced in Excel -work with pivot tables and merge tables like x lookup, r index
  5. Finance background, understanding time value of money. EX) 7% interest getting paid today vs paying in a year. What is the difference?


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