Job Description

Preconsturciton Manager: 
The Preconstruction Manager's primary responsibility is to organize, manage hard bid and/or conceptual estimates, analyze subcontractor bids accurately and effectively. The preconstruction manager interfaces with the owner, designer, subcontractor, and suppliers to provide accurate, organized, and complete cost data. The preconstruction manager participates in developing and implementing strategies for project success. Coordinates work with other managers for scope accuracy and comprehensiveness. Supports the implementation of departmental standards and procedures. Performs all responsibilities in accordance with corporate values and principles and in a manner consistent with corporate goals.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities of Position:

Construction Analysis and Documentation

  • Accurately analyzes bid documents
  • Develops a summary of bid requirements, (Bonds, Pre-Bid, Bid Date, Bid Form, Bid Date, Alternates, Unit Prices, etc.)
  • Able to read drawings and specifications
  • Prepares and distributes Preconstruction Meeting Agendas and Minutes
  • Understands project issues and concerns
  • Participates in the development of effective bid strategy
  • Promotes project team efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provides effective leadership for the project team


  • Participates in Preconstruction meetings
  • Performs Preconstruction site investigation (Photographs and documents existing conditions)
  • Accurately prepares quantity survey
  • Understands constructability issues and concerns
  • Understands and develops baseline project schedule
  • Understands and develops estimates for general requirements
  • Understands scope packages
  • Develops accurate pricing and scope
  • Develops qualifications and assumptions
  • Develops value engineering alternatives
  • Accurately prices assigned scope packages
  • Effectively interfaces with other depts. (Operations, Accounting, Risk Mgmt.)
  • Facilitates Preconstruction/Operations turnover meeting.


  • Develop a conceptual budget based on historical data, square-foot pricing, or subcontractor budgeting.
  • Develop complete and fully detailed project scope based on the project budget.
  • Prepare presentation materials.
  • Meet with the Owner and present the budget for the project.
  • Draft and execute Preconstruction documents; Fee & GC proposal, PSA’s, and Preconstruction Agreements.
  • Conduct and manage the design-build process to completion.
  • Manage project budget during the execution of the project design.
  • Prepare monthly Preconstruction Services invoices for the Owner.
  • Review and approve Preconstruction invoices.

Subcontractor Management and Relations

  • Develops and maintains subcontractor contacts and relationships
  • Solicits subcontract participation in preconstruction efforts
  • Develops subcontractor solicitation list in BuildingConnected
  • Updates and maintain subcontractor database in BuildingConnected
  • Effectively communicates with subcontractors with project clarifications and addendums.
  • Follows up with subcontractors (post-bid)
  • Accurately and effectively resolves buy-out issues
  • Achieves beneficial results
  • Understands how to fit subs to the size/scope of the project


  • Preparation of bid materials and documents
  • Performs a comprehensive "bid day" analysis and scoping of all trades
  • Include value-engineering ideas on every bid
  • Accurately and effectively analyzes subcontractor bids
  • Prepares accurate, neat, and organized spreadsheets
  • Understands subcontractor qualifications
  • Understands Bid Day coordination issues

Preconstruction Data and Records

  • Develops as-bid estimate and files as required
  • Maintains estimate records and files as appropriate
  • Maintains estimate plans and specifications as appropriate
  • Updates estimating source data with regard to materials and methods
  • Maintains subcontractor and supplier records and database information

Professional Development and Corporate Leadership

  • Participates in professional organizations
  • Participates in personal training and development opportunities
  • Participates in a mentoring program
  • Participates in seminar and conference opportunities
  • Participates in continuing education opportunities
  • Accomplishes personal development goals

Company Promotion And Community Involvement

  • Maintains and promotes subcontractor and supplier relationships
  • Maintains and promotes designer and owner relationships
  • Participates in community organizations
  • Participates in industry-related organizations
  • Participates in business development opportunities


  • Preferred 5-10 year experience in Preconsturciton 
  • Preferred design build experience but would be fine with someone who has been strictly estimating hard bid work
  • Industrial or commercial background
  • Experience managing a team of estimators would be a plus for future growth
  • Candidate will sit in Ladson SC office 


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