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Excel experience is an absolute must. Someone who is comfortable navigating spreadsheets, has a basic understanding of formulas, and understands how to input information. I've added additional details below.

  • This position is 100% in-office schedule.
  • Schedule: M-F, 7:30am – 4:30 pm ET/CT, 60m unpaid break
  • Details about the position:
    • What will this candidate be responsible for? Quality Assurance Evaluations (Call Monitoring, Document review, etc.)
    • What does an average day look like? Reviewing data (various source) and inputting results into Excel trackers.
    • Metrics/standards to be met: 100% accuracy and efficiency (SLA) requirements
  • Required skills:
    • Comfort with navigating and inputting data into macro-based/formula heavy excel documents
    • Ability to focus intently upon task to ensure accurate validation and timely results
    • Time management/organization skills
    • Attendance
    • Strong ability to convey written message with high attention to punctuation and grammar
  • Background/Experience to seek:
    • Call Center
    • Quality Assurance
    • Leadership (team lead, supervisor)
    • Peer reviews, second-level reviews, etc.
    • Call Monitoring/ call listening
    • Coaching/training

Job Description:

  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of inbound or outbound customer calls. Document quality issues and performance measures for management review.
  • Oversee a group of service monitors.

Required Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of Quality Assurance, or equivalent demonstrated through work experience.

Comments for Suppliers:

  • Quality Assurance Call Monitoring Testing
  • Require basic knowledge of Excel
  • QA experience for call center and/or call center experience needed

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