TalentBridge, a leading Rochester, New York talent management company, provides the outplacement and career transition services your company needs to ensure the successful support and transition of employees. Providing quality outplacement/career transition services will help your former employees ease their anxieties so that they can focus on the next chapter of their career.

Our proprietary A+ Approach is unique to the career transition industry – yielding more than a 95% satisfaction rating and some of the best time-to-placement ratios in the industry, let alone among Rochester-area outplacement companies.

We work closely with your outplaced employees to customize approaches to transition them into what’s next – whether or not they wish to remain in Rochester. We can help them pursue a position in the same industry, access training for a new vocation, support their relocation or retirement, or even guide them in starting their own business.  Bottom line, we know the opportunities available in the Rochester market and will do our best to help them succeed in the next chapter of their career.

Rochester’s Choice for Outplacement and Career Transition Services

When they work with the TalentBridge team in Rochester they will:

  • receive one-on-one, face-to-face assistance in identifying their next role or career path
  • be provided counsel on personal branding and resume writing
  • be supported by video conferencing and telecommunications to increase and improve connectivity when the individual is not able to come to our Rochester outplacement center

Beyond our outplacement services, TalentBridge can assist your business with planning, implementation and restructuring actions to support remaining employees and ongoing business activities. We can help your organization move forward productively by: conducting management training on how to deliver transition messages; providing on-site support during the notification process; and leading follow up workshops to re-engage the remaining staff. Should your business eventually require the recruitment and hiring  of additional staff – contract employees, temporary employees, or temp-to-perm – TalentBridge can support that, too.

We are dedicated to being a high-value partner to both your company and your former employees.  Our services can be customized to your unique needs and can be provided at every level of your organization and across the employee lifecycle.