Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Rochester, NY

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an ideal strategy for Rochester-based companies as they recognize the need to outsource small and large-scale recruitment projects.  RPO is increasingly used as a strategic initiative to address the often stressed resources and infrastructure of human resources departments.

Outsourcing your recruitment process to TalentBridge, a leading Rochester talent management company, will enable your company to:

  • Reduce recruiting costs and increase your ability to fill positions in a quality, consistent manner
  • Align processes and procedures for employee recruitment across all positions within an organization
  • Recruit the highest quality, and depending on the job, difficult-to-find candidates that better match your company culture and specific hiring needs
  • Deliver a competitive advantage by hiring the most qualified people


TalentBridge can support your employee recruitment function – here in Rochester or across the country – managing all or a portion of your direct hiring needs:

  • Helping you analyze, attract, screen, select, hire and even integrate new employees as an extension of your recruiting department
  • Building a candidate database that meets your exact needs. So, whether you are preparing for a future project or need to ramp up quickly, we will have qualified candidates ready to go

The TalentBridge team of experienced RPO professionals is here for Rochester companies to help positively impact all aspects of your employee recruitment strategy by providing customized solutions for your company.