Your LinkedIn page almost always serves as the first impression you make on potential employers, so it’s essential that you make it a good one. In fact, a Bullhorn survey of more than 160,000 recruiters found that 97 percent of respondents use LinkedIn to find job candidates and 64 percent use only LinkedIn for recruiting. Whether you’re actively seeking a new position or always interested in hearing about opportunities, here are some simple steps you can take to improve your marketability via LinkedIn.

First, regularly update your profile to reflect your latest experience and accomplishments. Be sure to include skills and interests that are specific to the types of positions you’re seeking so recruiters can find you when they’re searching for particular types of candidates.

One way to provide potential employers with the right information about you is to think of your LinkedIn profile as a 20-second commercial about you. Think about a creative way to present your job title. For example, instead of “healthcare sales professional,” how about “healthcare sales closer.” Then, briefly describe both what you do now – including problems you solve, your skills and strengths, and relevant examples of recent successes – and what you would like to do in the future. Remember, your LinkedIn profile summary isn’t a resume. It’s a platform for presenting a well-rounded snapshot of who you are and what makes you unique. Keep it compelling and concise and add more details about specific job responsibilities further down on your profile.

Once you’ve refreshed your profile, make sure to regularly participate on LinkedIn. It’s a great tool for networking, connecting, and raising your profile with other professionals and prospective employers. Share an interesting article. Comment on a LinkedIn member’s post and add encouraging feedback. Join a discussion group. Send personalized messages, such as congratulations for a new job or work anniversary or an invitation to connect. Endorse someone you’ve worked with for one of their skills.

You never know who’s connected to who or who might find you so stay current, active and engaged on LinkedIn.