Chief Information Officer Joel Givan joined the TalentBridge team in 2022 as our Chief Growth Officer, where his contributions were pivotal in shaping our sales foundation, process, analytics, and data strategies. Joel’s impressive professional tenure also includes 16 years with Insight Global, where he served as Director of Sales Analytics and honed a deep understanding of using data and analytics to enhance sales processes and achieve sales growth.

In his role as CIO, Joel will support the entire organization through:

  • Sales Strategy Support: Pre-Mapping Sales territories, providing market intel to the field on buying trends, mapping out target lists for new BDM’s, and any necessary intel to make outreach more productive.
  • Sales Training: Ensuring effective & efficient sales training across all BDM’s across the company.
  • Information/Data/Analytics: Implementing reporting, governance, safe keeping, and display/broadcast related data/analytics to all employees based on need.
  • Operations Support: Provide companywide special project oversight, project governance, and supporting all operational needs related to data & analytics.
  • Executive Support: Responsible for all executive support related to the dealing/distribution of information/analytics across the business.

Joel holds a B.S. in Marketing from Virginia Tech.